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Why would my ex behave like this?

by Lily W.

My ex and I ended our relationship a few years ago because we wanted different things. The break up was very difficult for both of us.

We never completely lost touch, and even though he started a new relationship, he would let me know he still remembered me and that he had been the happiest with me. On the other hand, he knew I wanted to get back together, but he didn´t want to.

Then I learned his girl had gotten pregnant and a few months later they had gotten married. It broke my heart.
During the time he was planning his wedding and expecting his child, we were in touch, but he didn´t say a word to me about the wedding or the baby.

Now that I know, I ended all communication with him. But I wonder… why did he still show signs that he cared, or that he remembered me, if he was happily getting married and having a baby?

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Apr 18, 2013
It is Possible!
by: Lady Love

He kept it all secret out of fear of hurting your feelings. He knew that you would do just what you did (cut off communication with him) and may not have been ready to fully let you go. Sometimes, people still have feelings for their exes, even though they are no longer with them and could have moved on. He still has not gotten you out of his system. Hell, before my husband and I got married, I had been separated from my ex for almost 3 years and still cared about him. It is possible.

Hugs & Kisses :-)

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