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The Secret To a Happy Marriage

What is the secret to a happy marriage? That is an easy answer: Communication! Well, not so much when it appears that marriages fail due to the lack of just that. Communication is the number one key to keeping a marriage together as there are so many things in life that need to be communicated. Marriage is a partnership and when it comes to happiness, intimacy, dating, family, and money; communication is the key that unlocks all locks of life.

Communication and Happiness

In order for your marriage to exude happiness for you and your spouse, you must communicate your happiness to one another. People always talk about the little things that count when you love each other and it is the absolute truth. A wife may want her husband to do something nice for her.

Most times men do not think like women and he is definitely not a mind reader! Talk to him about the things you want and like. Tell him what makes you happy and what you would like for him to do for you.

That goes both ways ladies!! The secret to a happy marriage is communication.

Communication and Intimacy

Communication is key when it comes to intimacy and bedroom life. Intimacy is not just about love making. Time spent together talking and having loving  conversations is part of it. Intimacy with your partner is very important. It keeps the magic alive within your marriage. If you do not know what your spouse likes in the bedroom you need to communicate that to him/her. You need to tell them the things that make you happy and those that do not make you happy such as pillow talk at night before bed; just the little things. Keep your bedroom life alive. If you want to try something new, that message should be relayed. Be open to new things and exploration of each other and do not be ashamed to communicate your wants and needs in this area. Be creative!! A happy bedroom life keeps the fire burning in your marriage. The secret to a happy marriage is communication!

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Communication and Dating

Yes, dating!! You need to continue to date your spouse. The same things that attracted you to each other are the same things that will keep your marriage alive. Dating your spouse at any age can definitely keep the sparks alive and can be fun; keeping things interesting. If you run out of ideas, be open to trying new things, visiting new places, or surrounding yourself with new people. Sit down together and map out some date night ideas that you both can try over the next couple of weeks or months. Get creative!!

Communication and Family

If your family life is in disarray then that can put pressure on your marriage. When you have a disagreement, make a commitment to communicate and discuss the issues within your family and do not delay. The way you raise your children to where you spend the holidays can become a stress bug if not communicated properly within your marriage. Alternate where you spend the holidays, share responsibility of the children and how you go through your day-to-day activities. If you both work full time, there is no reason for the responsibility of taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning to fall into one person’s lap. Marriage is a partnership and team effort!! Again, the secret to a happy marriage is communication!

Communication and Money

This is definitely a sore spot in most marriages and potentially can be the death of some marriages. If you have combined your assets and finances, it is imperative to communicate when you decide to go out and spend “our” money. Get together and devise a plan for your savings, how and when you spend your money. You should have a financial road map for your life goals. If one person goes out and starts spending frivolously, that would cause friction in your marriage and who wants to stay in a marriage to someone who will break your bank account or put you in debt?

Remember, marriage is a partnership and is about the level of respect you have for one another. If you cannot agree in the areas of happiness, intimacy, dating, family, and money; try to compromise.

The secret to a happy marriage

Let us know some of your secrets to a happy marriage in our comments section below!


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