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Are you dating and need some questions to ask boyfriend girlfriend?  Even if you already have someone, you could definitely benefit from this.  I know of couples who divorced only from a couple weeks to a couple months after getting married. Do you know why? 

One particular couple got divorced because the husband REALLY wanted children and the wife was more focused on her career. However, the conversation never fully came up before they got married!  Is that crazy or what?

Unfortunately, there are many scenarios like this that I hear about too often and a lot of couples think that love is all they need and is what will keep them together. Do some of these people NOT understand that the average divorce rate is up to about 50% or more right now?

If you spend enough quality time with your significant other, asking each other the tough questions BEFORE you get married, you are much more likely to live happily ever after if you two are in accord on the same topics.  Getting to know each other begins with asking the right questions!  YOU NEED Questions to ask boyfriend girlfriend and I found a great book by this author Michael Webb, who appeared on Oprah.

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In the beginning, I thought it would be just like every other book on getting to know your partner, but I was surprised. The problem with most question books is that they usually do not have enough questions, they have questions that normal folks ask regularly, or the questions are a little soft or stupid.  However, this book has it all.

In fact, I jot down about 5 or 10 of these questions and take them with my hubby and I on our date nights.  Trust me, you will NEVER run out of things to talk about with these questions and they are great conversation starters. We have already started to learn new things about each other after all the years we have been together and as a result, we feel so much closer.

If you are newlyweds or about to tie the knot, this book will help you make sure you're marrying the right person, and if you've been married for years, this book will help you learn more about each other and help bring you closer together.

If you want to ensure you live a life of happiness and fulfillment, then do yourself and your mate a favor and read this book.


Here are 10 questions to ask boyfriend girlfriend that I have taken out of the book and used for my own marriage:

  • What feeling do you have the most difficulty controlling?
  • What feeling do you have the most difficulty expressing?
  • Are you a morning person, a night person, or somewhere in the middle?
  • What makes you feel secure and safe?
  • Do you tend to keep a lot of thoughts and feelings to yourself or do you share them pretty openly?
  • Do you have any phobias, fears or concerns about going to the doctor?
  • Have you ever had serious thoughts about committing suicide? What are your thoughts about those who kill themselves?
  • Do you get irritated when you have to wait in long lines? Will you wait 45 minutes to be seated in a restaurant?
  • Do you ever drink and drive? Would you agree not to if your partner had a big problem with you doing so?
  • Do you like to travel on the spur of the moment (hey, let's drive to the mountains next weekend.


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Here are 10 more questions to ask boyfriend girlfriend: 

  • What things about me remind you of anyone from your past, either past sweethearts or good friends?
  • How many physical fights have you been in? Do you usually start them? Why do you fight?
  • What sort of reaction do you have when you get very upset?
  • If your partner had a one-night fling after drinking too much, how would you react? Could you forgive him or her?
  • Am I a nagger? How so? Does it irritate you?
  • Do you feel like you need to dress sexy? Why or why not? Do you feel that people who dress sexy are sending the message that they are interested in sex?
  • Have you ever suffered from depression (not just feeling blue, but a feeling of extreme sadness that leaves you nearly paralyzed)? If so, what brought these feelings on, how long did the depression last and what therapies worked for you?
  • What are your thoughts on separate vacations? If we had limited income and different travel priorities, do you think we should take vacations without each other every once in a while?
  • Do you think you could kill a person if they were threatening the life of your loved ones?
  • If you found a wallet with $300 cash in it, would you return it to its owner? Would you turn it into the police if there was no identification in it?

These questions will give you insight on the person you are dating and are considering to be your husband or wife. Remember, the key to happiness is COMMUNICATION!!!

Do you have questions to ask boyfriend girlfriend to add to our advice column?

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