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Check out some love tips and advice by a couple of love gurus I have found interesting. If you ever find yourself stumped with coming up with an original first date or dates in general with your partner, below are some good ideas that may help you have fun in your date life.


Been to Lizard Lick?

By Michael Webb

If I were a betting person, I would wager that nearly everyone hasn’t been to at least a dozen cities or towns that are within an hour’s drive of their home. Get out a map and together with your date write down the list of towns neither of you have ever been to (driving past it on the Interstate doesn’t count as being there). Cut up the paper into strips with one town on each piece. Put the strips in a hat and draw out the city you and your sweetheart are going to visit. If possible, do a little bit of research on the Internet about that town to see if there are certain historical sites, gardens or cafes that you should try to see. 

And no, I still haven’t been to Lizard Lick, North Carolina.

Happy, Happy Hour

Love Tips and Advice By Michael Webb

When in college, a few of my friends and I would head over to a nearby restaurant on Friday nights for Happy Hour. While most people probably went for the drinks or the hopes of meeting someone, we went for the food. The buffet table was filled with hot wings, meatballs, vegetable sticks, cheese and crackers, and many other hors d'oeuvres. We ordered an inexpensive soda and then headed over to the table to load up our small plates. We got away with "dinner" for under $2.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet fairly interesting date you might want to consider going to a nearby Happy Hour. Now if you start ordering alcoholic drinks at $4 a pop, the date suddenly becomes a strain on the wallet. Just because everyone else is drinking booze, you don't have to be so spineless to cave into social pressure. A glass of coke or juice will quench your thirst even better than a rum & coke or Vodka Martini.

I'm not against alcohol. I'm against people equating romance or dating with spending a lot of money. That's why a lot of couples quit dating after they have children. Go to your Happy Hour and then when you get home finish off the date with a fresh margarita you made yourself or some other drink that cost 1/10th what the restaurant was going to charge you.

I'll Buy That for $5

Love Tips and Advice By Jason Greenwich

This is something that my wife, Allyson, and I did while we were dating. We were both in college, of course that means we were both broke. We were also both tired of the typical "dinner and a movie" date, so we put our heads together and came up with an idea. We went to our local Wal-Mart with $5 each, to purchase a surprise gift for each other. We set a time limit of fifteen minutes, as well as a meeting place. It was hard to make $5 go very far, but you would be amazed how fun it was. We had to sneak around from aisle to aisle to avoid seeing each other. We were peeking between the shelves, and spying around the corners.

I'm sure that the other shoppers thought it was funny, but we didn't care...we were in our own little world. At the end of the date, we had spent a minimal amount of money, but we had a great time. We felt like little kids. After leaving Wal-Mart, we went home to exchange the surprises that we had purchased for each other.

Love Tips and Advice: If It Was Fun Once...

Love Tips and Advice By Carrie Stribling most creative date. I owe this to my wonderful boyfriend. It was our 6-month anniversary...and he would NOT tell me what we were doing. What he did was recreate our first date in a most splendid way. He picked me up wearing exactly the same thing he wore on our first date, and took me to the restaurant where we ate that night...where he had already previously ordered wine, candles, and the exact same thing I had ordered there six months ago

(I don't know how he remembers these things).

Then, we drove to the movie theater where we saw our first movie and he presented me with my first of three gifts—a videocassette of the movie. After that, we drove to the river near my house where we sat and talked for hours after the movie and I got gift number two—a photo album that he had been working on for months. It had pictures he had taken that I couldn't even recall, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, poems, and an overall review of our relationship together.

Then we drove to a nearby playground where we had gone to stargaze, and I got my third and most wonderful gift. He had written to the National Star Registry and had a star named after me. He gave it to me with a note that read, "Since you fell from Heaven into my arms, I figured they needed a reminder of you." I have never been so weak in the knees as I was that night.

Adult Toy Store Shopping

Love Tips and Advice By Michael Webb

A few months ago, Athena and I were in Chicago visiting some friends. They took us to see some of the sites in the city. We went to the Museum of Art. We saw the lake. We walked around and saw some great architecture. When we were tired and a little hot, we thought we would duck into a store to cool off a bit. We went inside Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hammacher Schlemmer is similar to the Sharper Image and Brookstone stores that have items that nobody really needs but are cool nonetheless. We tested out all the neat gadgets and inventions this store carries. We tried the massage chairs and the foot massagers. We tested out the various hammocks and swings. We tinkered with the games, puzzles and other expensive merchandise. We "played" inside for over an hour. It is probably the most memorable part of our Chicago weekend.

Just as kids love to roam through Toys R Us, this was a toy store for adults. Now, this is the kind of window shopping I can handle.

Do you have some fun dating ideas? Share them with us below!!!


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