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Love Lost?

Ok, so me and my man have been together five years. We got engaged last year, but we weren't planning to get married until I graduate from college, I'm in my sophomore year of college right now. My school is two hours from home. He doesn't go to school right now, but he plans to get a trade. Basically, right now I'm in school and right now he just works and pay the bills and stuff at our apartment back at home. Last year, was a difficult year for us doing the long distance thing, but like all things we got through it.

This year, he finally came to my school to visit me. We got into over something stupid and he left on bad terms. I was very upset that he left my school earlier then he was supposed to and I didn't want to talk to him on the phone just for that one day because I just needed my space. He broke up with me for that. A week passed of us not talking. He didn't call/text me nor was he answering/replying to any of my calls or text. He finally texted saying he didn't trust me for what I did.

Another week passed by and neither of us called/texted each other. He finally texted "wyd" and I didn't text back that night, but broke down and called the next day. We talked a little about the situation, but just mainly talked just for conversation about nothing basically. I told him I was going to call him back and we said "I love you" and hung up. I thought everything was cool.

I looked on instagram and facebook and he was posting all sad pictures saying he's so depressed and making statuses saying he's so stressed out. So, I called him and asked about it but he just acted dry and distant so I hung up. I called back an hour later and he ignored all of my calls and never replied to any of my texts. Of course that hurt my feelings and I cried.

Its been two weeks of him ignoring my calls and texts. I got so upset that I changed my cell phone number and deleted my instagram. So now there's no way he can contact me and I know I probably just did it out of spite, but I just want him to realize how serious I am about not taking this kind of treatment.

I love him and I want us to work, but I can't deal with him doing this. I haven't worn my ring and I haven't called him and he still is posting things on facebook saying how depressed he is. I honestly don't think he's depressed. I know him and I just know he isn't. What is a girl to do in this situation?

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Sep 05, 2013
Go Get Your Man Back!!!
by: Lady Love

Obviously you guys need a little lesson in communication. If you and your fiancé are not getting along at the moment…why would you go and change your telephone number??? That is your fiancé…the one you are supposed to marry and spend the rest of your life with. In a marriage…if you were having the same issues…you would need to work it out…not change your telephone number.

You all should have sat down and got to the root of things. What is really going on? While you are at school…was he seeing someone else? Why is he feeling depressed or stressed? You guys should have been having conversations on how to make things work…not let both egos get the best of you. How do you expect your marriage to last if you are behaving this way?

Think from his perspective…while you are at school…he could be stressed out because he is stuck at home paying all of you all’s bills. As a soon to be wife and one who has been with the man she loves for the last five years…you need to be more supportive of him and his feelings as he should be about yours.

Also, to your defense…if he broke up with you because of an argument…maybe there is something else going on?? If you love each other, you need to call him. YOU…the one who changed her number…need to call him. Let him know that you do not have time for games, you will be respected in your relationship/marriage, you love him, and you want to make it work. If he loves you, he will want to work it out.

I wrote an article about communication…which is key to life and relationships. Check it out here it not only applies to marriages…but relationships in general. Girl…GO GET YOUR MAN!!! Keep me posted on your outcome!

Hugs & Kisses!

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