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Love and Marriage

Marriage is a union between two people with love and marriage going hand in hand. A marriage is a legally binding connection. Some might argue that being married is a business contract between two people. However, I beg to differ.

Marriages last only if effort is put into making them last. Marriage is work, hard work but can be made simple if there is enough communication between the husband and wife. 

Marriage consists of compromising and sacrifice, working together, creating happiness and communication.

Below, we delve a little deeper into the concept of marriage and how one may maintain happiness and sanity within theirs.

Compromise & Sacrifice

According to, to compromise is to come together with a mutual understanding of what each party wants and accepting that one may or may not receive what they originally requested. To sacrifice is to give up something that you love or is important to you for the happiness of someone else.

In love and marriage, compromising and sacrifice can sometimes be a real pain. Getting married when you are over 30 years of age can be challenging in this department because you are used to doing things your own way, living by yourself, calling all the shots, etc. Don't get me wrong as it can be the same for those twenty-somethings. However, I just believe the older we get, the more we are stuck in ways that we've known for years. Compromising and sacrificing in a marriage consists of things like:

  • If you share a bank account and one person wants to spend and the other person wants to save, you need to come to a mutual agreement.

  • If you've always spent every holiday with your family, you need to come to an agreement to switch it up and you both can attend the wife's Thanksgiving event and the husband's Christmas event and change it up next year.
  • If the wife wants to go out for ladies night but the husband has been working 12 hour shifts for three days in a row and is too tired to watch the kids. The wife can either find a sitter or suck it up and stay at home with her honey.

In order to maintain love and happiness you will always have situations where you will need to choose to compromise or sacrifice for the better of your marriage and for your sanity. Without the thought of these two choices, you can look forward to a marriage filled with arguments and unhappiness.

Work Together

In love and marriage, being married is a team effort and a partnership and should be treated as such. Some folks are stuck on the idea of the wife and her role in a marriage as being pregnant, at home cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids. However, It is a new day and age and these days more of the wives are bringing home the bacon. Not to say that the husbands should be the homemakers. Only to say that with both parties working a 9 to 5 and one taking college courses while the other spouse pursues other endeavors, working together is essential for love and marriage.

Agreeing to work together to take care of the kids, clean up the house and cook will help you maintain happiness in your marriage. If one spouse feels the pressure of daily responsibilities, they may view the other spouse as not doing enough. This can cause a strain on the relationship and can lead to resentment and anger and eventually an argument. Take the time to set daily or weekly goals together, giving each other time for themselves. Some examples could include:

  • If schedules permit, the wife could pick up the kids from school and help with homework while cooking dinner. The next week the husband can do the same or wife takes homework and hubby takes on dinner.
  • Every other week agree to do different household chores (husband cleans bathrooms and vacuums one week and the wife takes over the next week)
  • One week the wife can take the kids to ballet and soccer practice and the next week the husband can do the same.

It all depends on what you guys have on your plates of life. Working together as a team can increase morale at home and can definitely relieve stress on both parties. With increased morale and less stress, you may find time for bedroom activities after the kids are in bed. :-)

Create Happiness in Love and Marriage

In the beginning marriage is lovey dovey and consists of a bunch of sweet and enduring nothings. Spending time together day and night, being super nice to each other all of the time, and just being in love. Then BOOM! The honeymoon is over and life moves along full speed ahead. The first couple of years might not be bad. However, when you start to approach years 5 - 7, things may seem a little different or distant. You may not be spending as much time together as you did, work and the kids take over and you no longer have a love life just a boring marriage and a non-existent bedroom life. People fall out of love all of the time especially once life gets in the way.

If you want to maintain happiness in your marriage, you need to put forth the effort. Creating happiness in love and marriage is as simple as finding time to spend with each other as you once did. At this point you guys have grown a little and like different things than you did when you first got married. Figure out what those new things are that makes you both happy today and start making time to have fun together. (Join a gym and work out together, play golf, etc.)

Even if your schedule appears to be super busy, put something on the calendar (even if it is only for 30 minutes). Find something different to do that you guys have never done before. Create little sexy games for each other to help get you in the mood for your 30 minute date later. Send sexy text messages to each other in anticipation of your weekly or monthly date night. Create new and exiting ways to have a date night!

In love and marriage, magic is not created overnight nor will it just return on its own. You need to take the necessary steps to ensure that your spouse is happy. If they are happy, you will be happy.

Communication is Key!

Overall, communication is the number one key to happiness in love and marriage. Do not make assumptions about your spouse and check your expectations at the door.

Read my article "The Secret to Happiness in a Marriage" which goes into detail about communication and how it is the number one key to a happy marriage.

Overall, marriage is supposed to be a life long cherished commitment. When you learn to compromise and sacrifice, work together and create happiness adding in a lot of communication, I do not see why your love and marriage wouldn't be blissful.

Tell us your own story about love and marriage!

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