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Letting Go of a Relationship

Letting go of a relationship can be a very difficult task especially if you are the heartbroken.  You are probably hurt and confused? You probably have a million questions because the person who did this to you has really hurt you and deep inside you thought they were the one and it would last forever. 

Don't Fret.

Below are a few ways to help you move on.


Mourn Your Relationship

Letting go is hard enough. You need to take about a week or two to grieve.  Your relationship just ended and you will not see that person AGAIN!

Relax yourself, sip on a glass of wine, cry, scream and shout (in the privacy of your own home of course) and let it all out.  You have to take the time out to grieve your relationship. It could take a week, two, or longer. The grieving process lasts until you have no more tears to cry.

The first week is for reality to set in and the second to third week is for you to come to terms with your relationship ending and let it go.

Take Care of Yourself

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Letting go comes with some advantages and after your two to three week hiatus it is time to bounce back.  You have cried and cried and now you have no more tears left.  It is time to take care of YOU!

Take some time out to improve or change things about you. Give yourself a makeover with a new hairstyle, new wardrobe, or start an exercise program to help you feel good and look even better.  Letting go of a relationship and getting that "bounce back" becomes easier once you've rebuilt your confidence and sometimes that confidence is manifested when we feel good about how we look!

Meet New People

After releasing the relationship, mourning, and taking care of yourself, go out and meet new people!  Venture out to some of your favorite places where you can dance, mingle and just have fun.  Having fun will help you jump start your recovery process.  Some people may choose not to start dating at this point which is fine.  However, the best way to let go is to move on with someone else.  Your new friend will surely help you forget about your ex. 

A CAUTIONARY WARNING: DO NOT jump right into another relationship!  You still need a couple of months of alone time for healing because no one wants to start a relationship with a person who carries emotional baggage from a previous relationship. Need some help bouncing back? Check out this amazing book:

Calling in "The One": 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life

Katherine Woodward Thomas weaves together a plan of action for you to take to find and/or attract "The One" in a 7 week process. Don't take my word for it. Just ask the 377 people who left positive reviews for this very "miracle book"!

Also, Don't get caught in a YO-YO relationship. Read the Five Dysfunctional Relationship Clues NOW!

Good luck on your recovery!

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