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Lazy Eye and Eye Contact

by Kyle

I've just started being in a relationship with a girl I know. She likes me, we've been together. But I haven't really held her close and looked in the eyes, because I'm insecure about my right eye. It drifts a little to the right and I don't want her to grow unattracted. But how can you be really intimate without eye contact?

I'm looking for advice more than anything and it'd be really appreciated

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Oct 28, 2013
Don't Worry About It
by: Lady Love

My husband has a lazy eye and it does not affect me one bit. Trust me, if she decided to get into a relationship with you, she is not too concerned about your eye. If you are a little self conscious about your eye, plan romantic outings where the focus is not so much on eye contact but on having fun. You can have a loving relationship without having to stare into each other's eyes all of the time. Trust me, I do. Good luck sweetheart!

Hugs & Kisses,
Lady Love :-)

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