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Is He Just Using Me?? Please Help!

by Tori
(Denver, CO)

We met at work, got my number and like a week later I got a text from him. he was so shy but after a couple texts got to the point and asked me out to the movies. for days before the date we just talked and talked. He seemed really interested in me. what i liked, my family, etc. He would say goodnight and good morning. Then we went on the date he held my hand the whole time and was kissing me.

The next day he was calling me baby. a week later I had sex with him, I was a virgin. He's more experienced then me so I do have to admit it was a great first time. But I hope it wasn't with the wrong person. So anyway he was still texting me, and the next day we went to the mall, he held my hand the WHOLE time, and we kissed goodbye.

The next day I had to ask him, did he want this to become a relationship or just one thing? His exact answer was "i have to be honest. if you want to be friends that's fine. If you want to see if we can work out then that's fine to." My sister said that means he wants to be friends with benefits. So I asked him if he'd be fine if I went out with other people then, and he instantly texts back "like who?"

HELP is he using me?
sorry i made this so long to read.

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Oct 28, 2013
Just Ask!
by: Lady Love

In this day in age, if you want to know the answer to something, do not beat around the bush just ask. Flat out ask him if he wants to be in a relationship. if he says no and all he wants is the cookies, then it is sort of your fault for giving it to him without being in a relationship, for one and for two, for having sex with him only after a week of dating.

If he just wants to be friends, then be friends. But if he chooses the friend route, its none of his business who else you go out with at that point. Sometimes guys do not think like girls. A lot of times they think with one thing in mind where as girls want relationships and things of that nature first. A lot of times females think because they gave up the cookies that it means he wants to be with you. With men, sex is one thing and a relationship is another.

Good luck sweetheart!
Hugs & Kisses,
Lady Love :-)

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