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I'm Having Boyfriend Troubles

by Fiona

I went on my boyfriends facebook he left a IM up with a girl so i read it he asked for her number then a pic but they are friends she didnt send him a pic what should i do i dont wonna break up with him but he might be cheating on me. :O

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Sep 21, 2013
Check HIM!!!
by: Lady Love

Ummm...UR boyfriend should not be asking any chicks for pics or numbers. He is already in a relationship. That is a sign that mabe he is looking for a replacement. You need to check him. Or, you could IM another dude and have the same thing open when he comes around and see how he feels about that. Sometimes people think they can do things and it should be okay with you...but when u do it to them...its terrible. Im not saying do a tit for tat...but sometimes you have to play little games to get them to see the point you were trying to make.

Good Luck!!!

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