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I Have to Love Who Loves Me!

"I have to love who loves me"! In this crazy era of social media and online dating, you are bound to get lost in life's maze of love. 

Awhile back, I had a conversation with a friend who said that dating used to be hard.  He said that trying to find someone to fit his "list" was the hardest. Check it out:


"Anonymous: I loved being married and after being married for 10 years and now divorced for 5, it is hard to find that special woman.  I realized that I liked a certain type of female and I had a list of qualities I thought I wanted in a woman and was pretty adamant about keeping this list to a tee. However, when I really got tired of playing games, I had to come up with a different approach to this dating thing.  I mentally chucked my list and started freestyle dating.

Lady Elle: Sooo you tossed your list to the wind?  lol How did that work out for you? I can only imagine dating in this era without some sort of list or standards of acceptance.

Anonymous: Man I have to love who loves me! Period! It was crazy at first because I was running into all kinds of crazy chicks. lol. Then I said well maybe I wont chuck it, just tweak it.  Tweaking it allowed me to accept certain things in a woman without prejudging her of her situations and circumstances and allowed me to actually take the time to get to know the young lady.

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Lady Elle: Hmmm sounds interesting.  So, throughout your "freestyle" dating scene, have you met anyone who could be a potential Mrs.? 

Anonymous: Actually, I have.  Out of 10 of my most wanted list items, she falls short of at least 4. However, I was able to look past them and we are now in a relationship, have been for the last 4 months and I am happy that I chose to go this route.  My list consisted of wants and want-nots; dos and donts that fall in line with the caliber of woman that either was too busy playing games in the dating field or just wasn't ready for what I wanted. But my tweaked list, which was different for every female I dated, allowed me to be a little more receptive to others who are not so materialistic, vain, etc. It seems that I can have a woman with her own career, car, and home without the bs that comes along with some women. 

Lady Elle: Nice. Did you learn something about yourself in all of this?

Anonymous: I did. I learned that in order for me to bring forth this "list", my own personal ish had to be in order. Once I had my "self" put together, then I could figure out what women wanted and what I wanted from a woman!

Lady Elle: So true! How can you expect your potential partner to be perfect when you come to the table with flaws?  A lot of folks do not understand that theory and that is how you get gold diggers which, in this day and age, can be male or female. Folks want their mate to have a car, home, career, etc...yet they come to the table riding the bus, living at home with their parents, no job,

Anonymous: LOL. That is true too. Not saying that I cannot offer anyone anything. But, I think my list was really wishful thinking. Ultimately, I am happy I tweaked my list and I am happy with the outcome of my dating experience throughout the process. I am also happy that after I evaluated myself in this whole ordeal, I learned that I needed to "tweak" some things about me too.

Lady Elle: Wow!!! Well said and thank you for your honesty!"


That's it in a nutshell.  People, let's take the time to re-evaluate ourselves, our lifestyles, our attitudes, and anything else about YOU that needs to be evaluated or adjusted. Some folks often wonder why they are unable to find that special someone or why things do not work out the way they would like.

My answer to it all is 'look in the mirror'! If you have gone on 25 dates over the last 12 months and still cannot seem to get it right, it may not be those 25 dates, it may just be YOU!

One way to figure it all out is to read this amazing book: 

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So, will you take that "I have to love who loves me" approach while looking for love? Good luck on your search for Mr./Mrs. right! my quest to find out more from the perspectives of our men, I came across this one site owned and operated by a guy. His approach to dating and overall single life was totally hilarious. Check It Out!

If you have your own "I have to love who loves me" experiences, please share it with us below!


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