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I am 26 Weeks Pregnant and Worried My Husband Finds Me Boring :-(?

by Theresa
(London, UK)

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and stopped working a few weeks ago. I live in a town where I don't know anyone and my husband works very long hours...My whole life now is about keeping my flat tidy and looking after my husband..I just feel so needy and think my husband is bored by me now. I would go out more but everything seems like such an effort now that I'm pregnant (I get tired, backache etc.). I hate feeling this way but I don't know what to do...anyone else feel like this or have any suggestions for me?

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Feb 13, 2014
Thanks Terri, you are absolutely right!
by: The Love Mistess


Feb 12, 2014
by: Terri

When I was pregnant with my son last year the hormones were raving and I was so emotional to the point where I felt so insecure about me and how I looked. My husband always assured me that I was still beautiful yet I did not feel that way.

Saying this to say that like the Love Mistress have to change things up a bit. But I also want to add that you have to put forth the effort to do the extra things that will make you feel good and take care of yourself first. Because when you feel good, you are more confident.

Jul 21, 2013
Get Creative!!
by: Lady Love

One, it may just be the hormones because you are pregnant. Two, sit down with your husband and have a heart to heart conversation with him. Ask him if you are doing everything that he wants and likes. There is nothing wrong with pleasing your man, ask him if there is more you can do.

Even if he says he is happy and everything is wonderful, pick up some books or magazines and become creative. Men love creativity in women when it comes to sex and love. I know you are pregnant and things seem like it takes effort, but to make you feel better, push for a little more...jump out there and get creative...even if you cook a new dish. Always try something new. Trust me, it works! Check out some resources below if you are stumped on becoming creative.

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