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How To Get Over Him?

by Tammi
(Cleveland, OH )

Ok,So I am going to rewind a bit. The last week of school my crush was being so nice to me, hugging me for a while when I told him I had a bad day and kept complimenting me. He hugged me soo much that last week. He toyed around a lot with me too. And he asked me about being in a relationship, but I thought he was joking so I said "excuse me?" He laughed and said it was for a project that would be viewed by the entire school and showed me the video camera. I know I blew it there. Well, long story short, it is the summer. We did not exchange contact info. I miss him soo much. Because he did not give me contact info, I figure that I was fantasizing over nothing and that he didn't care about me. But, I keep thinking about him and how much I miss him and I picture him with other girls and it breaks my heart. So basically, I think there is no shot at us being in a relationship. How can I get over him?

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Jul 21, 2013
Move On Hunni!
by: Lady Love

One good way is to start seeing someone else to maintain your sanity. There could be a number of reasons why he did not give you his contact information. But, no need to cry over spilled milk as they say...move on. Once school starts again, you may still have another chance with him. However, most likely if a guy really wants to connect with a girl, he will do so. I hope this helps.

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