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How Do I Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

by Micheal

I love this girl,but she hasn't yet said yes to me......but I feel she kinda loves me too. Unfortunately, she traveled abroad to school and I am scared someone else might take her.

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May 24, 2014
Easier Said Than Done
by: The Love Mistess

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, long distance relationships are a little difficult. Ideally, both parties have to agree to be monogamous while living in two different cities.

In order for it to work, there needs to be a strong foundation of trust and honesty. Also, you guys would need to establish some time to see each other in person to enjoy those in-person couple moments. With today's technology like Skype and Face Time, you can talk to your honey everyday. But what about the intimate times you need to share together, in person?

A long distance relationship consists of work, trust, and honesty. it is easy for either party to be lonely and then dishonest about what they are doing, where they are going, and who they are seeing. I am not going to say it cannot work as I've heard a couple of stories of it being the ideal situation for some. However, you guys need to sit down and come up with a mutual plan of action; one that is beneficial for the both of you and one that will keep you both satisfied based on locations and schedules.

Good luck sweetheart and let me know how it pans out.

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