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Does He Like Me? Should I Back Of?

by Alisia usher
(England, London, Greenwich)

Well he is kinda shy and only talks with his friends but with me he becomes more reserved and quiet. He stares at me quite a bit and sometime when he does speak to me he kinda stutters and can't answer simple questions I ask.

I really like him and we are not close so I try to talk to him when he is with his friends but he becomes quiet and sometimes slyly goes away. I don't know if he is being shy or don't like me. But it's strange since he does stare at me a lot and is only like this with me (all shy) but he is really nice to me as well.

I asked my friend who is closer to him and she said that maybe it's because he thinks he is boring so we couldn't really talk but I don't think he is boring at all. And someone also said it may be cause he don't wanna seem creepy but if anything it's me since I always try to talk to him and he might be creeped out by it.

It could be cause we hang with different people. Since I hang with the 'popular' children and he hangs with the more quiet 'nerds' but I don't think that should affect anything since I myself ain't popular and I don't think he is a nerd at all. Or maybe it's cause I am loud and it scares him. Well I get nervous around boys I get loud but with him I try to calm down a bit but he makes me feel so nervous I just can't help it.

I mean I would love to go out with him but I just wanna be his friend first. I want him to be comfortable around me but if he don't like me I will leave it. And I struggle to talk to him since I get so nervous I don't know what to say. Does he like me?

And the other day my friend who is close to him said to him that I don't think he likes me and I could hear her say 'talk to her now!'.Then he came up to me and put his hand on my back and looked at me as was like 'hey. Are you alright?'. It was embarrassing and made me feel worse since if he has to be told to talk to me he don't like me right? Well he does talk to me but not like other people. He is just so shy with me. WHY?!

It's really confusing since one day he is helping me out and talking to me. Then the rest of the days he is quiet and staring at me and stuttering. I want him to like me and I just don't know what to do. We are having a summer holiday for 5 weeks next week should I just let it go? I am go nervous to ask for his number or anything since we are not that close.

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Jul 22, 2013
Go Get Him!
by: Lady Love

Here is how I see it. a) you can build up the courage and actually ask him for his number b) write him a cute little note letting him know that you would like to become good friends with him c)have your friend who is close to him, advocate for you and play cupid...letting him know that you are REALLY interested in him or d)let it go and forever wonder what could have been.

In your case and since you are super nervous, I would opt for "c" and have your mutual friend put in a few good words for you and hook you two up. Tell your friend that you would like to get his number and have your friend talk to him and tell him that you are interested. Once he does that, your friend should be able to let you know if he is truly interested in you. If he is, you would get a number if he is not...have your friend find out why.

If he is not interested in you...don't can still be his friend. Keep me posted on how everything goes.

Hugs & Kisses!

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