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Get the inside scoop on new and innovative dating ideas and tips when it comes to the dating game. From how/where to meet attractive, interesting, single men and women to what to do on that first or third date! If you are sick of nightclubs and bars, the different ways to meet others will be a real eye-opener.

Men and women have been making these mistakes for years and here is where you can learn more dating ideas!

Looking for Ways to Meet New People

Take a Class or Do Something Different!

Taking a class is a great way to meet others because you are concentrating on doing your coursework and therefore don't have to get nervous about trying to meet or 'pick up' someone. You also meet singles who share your interest in the course topic and you see them on a regular basis which is an important part of establishing a relationship.

There are no guarantees of meeting interesting people with this method though so make sure that you are doing a course you are genuinely interested in. Pick something you've always wanted to do. This way you'll be passionate about it which also makes it easier to talk to anyone you do meet.

You can sign up for classes at colleges, universities and community centers and some courses worth considering are: • Painting • Photography • Life drawing • Music appreciation • Tai Chi • Relaxation • Yoga • Cooking • Foreign language • Creative writing.

Try your luck attending a wine tasting event or a crab or social festival.

There are plenty of activities to get into where you can meet new and exciting people and there are websites like Living Social that offer deals on adventurous things to do within your cities and states.

Good luck on your search for that special someone! They are out there somewhere; you just have to be open and ready to mingle!

Dating Ideas & Tips

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What is the real secret to a successful first date?

No phony pick up lines, no pretending you are someone you are not, sending your representative on the date instead of the real you, and get great dating ideas and tips on finding the perfect partner.

Okay, okay so...guy meets girl; or girl meets  You both decide to go out on a date, a romantic dinner to be exact.  Besides the normal "date" conversation, wouldn't you like to ask him/her some questions that will help you learn a little more about each other? Besides their likes and dislikes, wouldn't you like to know their views on things that could potentially concern you in the future like raising children and so on?

I am not saying that when you are on a date you should drill these questions into your potential partner's head...nooooo! ;-) However, for conversation purposes, memorize about 5 to 10 questions and gradually ease them into the evening.  Pace yourself! You do not want to scare off your potential love, causing them to feel like you are an attorney and are cross-examining them. lol!

Another ice breaker when out on a date is to entertain your boo. Research some jokes and tell them over drinks (before the There is nothing healthier than continuous laughter.  Your date will definitely remember how funny you were after the fact.

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Sick and Tired of 'Dinner and Movie' Dates?

Have you ever thought about how important fun dates are and needed more dating ideas and tips to help you produce a fun date?

Seriously. I mean, if you're in a relationship like me, then you know things get a little stale after a while.

Also, if you're single then I'm sure you know how important a fun and exciting date is for leaving a solid impression!

You always have to find new ways to keep the fun and excitement alive in order to continue your long journey to happiness. 

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How About a Weekend Getaway?

Have you ever thought about planning a weekend getaway for two as a dating idea? Plan a surprise trip to Tampa, FL; San Diego, CA; Napa Valley, FL; and San Francisco, CA to name a few. Research some in-expensive flights and hotels and take your honey on a trip. Before you take off, lay out a plan of action of exciting ideas and places to visit on your trip.  Turn off your cellphones and enjoy your 2-3 days away from it all.  Trust me, a romantic trip away is a sure fire way to keeping the bliss in your relationship or marriage!


Would you like to get more love tips and advice ideas? We've done some research and found that a couple of love gurus advise being very creative with their date ideas. Learn more ways to enjoy your date life.

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