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How to Deal With Infidelity!

Why Are People Cheating? How often do we search through magazines, the internet or Hollywood gossip columns to read about what is going on with these extramarital affairs?

We gather all of the information we can use and apply it to our real life relationship issues, but it's just not the same. However, we all agree on one thing: An unfaithful partner that we've grown to love and trust over time, can shatter our world into bits & pieces. We have to ask ourselves did we notice the red flags waving all around us. Probably not! Why? Because trust is what it is, unconditional! How many of you have read a love horoscope trying to get a handle on things and hoping and wishing and praying that the horoscope prediction will come true, if it is good?

"I suspect my mate is cheating, how can I know for sure?" That is the question that some are asking themselves based on their intuition that is yelling to them that 'something just ain't right!' Are you in a relationship or marriage where you suspect your mate of cheating? Is the fear and doubt of not knowing the truth eating you up and causing you to stay awake at night? Are your suspicions and your accusatory behavior tearing your relationship apart? Or, have you already caught your unfaithful lover?


Below are some signs of cheating!

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  • Your mate no longer wants sex or makes excuses to not have sex with you.
  • You just have a gut feeling that something is not right. But, do not be obsessive about it as you can actually drive them to cheat.
  • They begin to put distance between you or show a lack of interest in the things you used to do together.
  • Your unfaithful spouse is indifferent to family events like birthdays and holidays.
  • They make sure they carry their cellphone with them everywhere they go in the house and even have it password protected.

  • Your partner has unexplained scratches or bruises on their neck or back.
  • When they suddenly begin to treat you extremely nice; more so than usual.
  • "I need some space to figure things out." Is what they tell you.
  • They begin to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to justify their affair.
  • You find items that you did not give your spouse and normally they do not purchase things for themselves.

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  • They begin to spruce up their wardrobe (clothing and sexy underwear) and start to pay more attention to their appearance. (Joining the gym, using fade cream for marks on body, etc.)
  • Your spouse sets up a separate cell phone account that is billed to their office.
  • Taking hours to shop at the grocery store or bank.
  • They pick fights or find reasons to fight only to storm out of the house and away from you.
  • They are ALWAYS on the internet late at night, especially after you have gone to bed.

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Whew!!! Okay, so some of the signs are there. What's Next? If you are serious about getting the answers you need, if you are serious about putting an end to those fears and doubts that are plaguing your relationship, it's time to take control.  

Here is some explosive information that promises to bring you closer to answering that one lingering question: Is my partner being unfaithful to me and how can I find proof? 

This information gives explosive details of cheat-busting tips, techniques, facts, and figures you can use to be sure that you will get definitive answers to your dilemma.

You will learn how to:

  • Discover the one crucial error that everybody who is having an affair will make. Learn what it is and how to catch them making it!
  • Capture email passwords, access phone records, and credit card statements. Discover all the stealthy secrets of how to do this without getting caught!
  • Find out the dirty tricks cheats use to cover their paper trail and how you can expose them quickly!

Turn yourself into a human lie detector for infidelity so that you know every time your spouse is lying to you. Psychologists developed these methods by researching and identifying the uncontrollable and subconscious movements every human being makes when they lie. You will be shocked and amazed at how much you can learn! Plus much, much more. Click to bust a cheater NOW!!


The Cheater Has Been Caught!

NOW WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you stay or do you go? Do you break up or get a divorce? It is all up to you and how it will affect you and your family emotionally.

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If you stay...

Just know that it might happen again.  You can choose to forgive them but you will never forget.  If you choose to stay, DO NOT continuously relive the past and bring it up in arguments. If you stay, you may constantly find yourself revisiting the situation and it could keep you feeling sad.  That could be toxic to your health. After your significant other cheats the first time, your trust level is gone out the door.  So, if you decide to stick around, I guarantee you will become more suspicious when they make moves doing everyday things.

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If you leave...

Just know that this may have been a better decision.  You would not have to endure the stress of knowing your partner cheated, and the fact that now you feel as if you have to monitor their every move.  Leaving the situation could be good for your mental and emotional health. Take this time to work on yourself and forget about that unfaithful loser.  Trust me, while you are focusing on yourself (health, career, family, etc) you will definitely get over them quickly. Then, when you least expect it, you will find someone who will appreciate you more than the last loser.

If you have a cheating mate story you would like to share, click here.

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