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Cant Get Over Him

I talked to this guy on and off for almost 2 years now. I never really gave him the time of day. I think mostly because of my own insecurities like thinking that its crazy for someone to like me as much as, lets call him "John", did.

He would always call me beautiful and make me feel great. He always wanted to see me but I would stray away. He was good friends with my cousin so on certain occasions we would see each other when I was with my cousin.

Fast forward to why we are now not talking. I was hanging out with John and could blatantly see him texting another girl. I got pissed, as any girl would, and ignored him. He claimed that because I always shrugged him off he found nothing wrong with talking to other girls. He has a point! He can but it was disrespectful to do it right in front of me.

Fast forward 3 months and he has a new girlfriend. This was probably in March. I'm writing this in August so as of now he has been with her for 6 months. He seems really happy and she does too, but I find myself jealous but not in a hateful way. I just hate myself for missing a chance of being with him. At times I even find myself thinking I'm in love with him.

It's just one big laugh in my face every time I see a picture of them together. I want to be with him so bad but i know it's probably never going to happen. How can I get over him:(

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Aug 25, 2015
There is Only One Way...
by: Lady Elle

Unfortunately things happen just that way. As soon as you let someone go, they find someone else, and you miss what you once had...or in your case passed up on having.

There is only one way to get over him...find someone new!!! If you have not found anyone new, keep yourself busy by doing the things you love to do. Putting yourself in places and doing things that make you happy will open the door to a new love who share the same interests as you.

Check out some of my links below to help you gain clarity:

Looking for ways to meet new people? Click below:

Good luck sweetie and let me know if I can be of some assistance!!!

Hugs & Kisses!!

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