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Calling All Mistresses

While driving, I stumbled upon the song "They don't know" by Rico Love. I was bobbin my head because the beat was nice and the words flowed smoothly...that was until I actually paid attention to them. Let us dissect some of these "words" shall we...

"We be in the same room and we don't never have to say s%$!, let's keep it between me and you and we cool cause they don't know" 

Now this situation is really cool if you and your honey are role playing. But, why would a woman want to be in the same room with a man she is in love with and can't even talk to him? The same man she is dating and having relations with. Who wants to be that chick?

"They don't even know I know you, You don't be talking like a lame b%^#!, You follow the rules but keep it cool, Cause they don't know" 

Why do you want to be in this type of situation where you follow the rules and keep it cool because your relationship with this man is a secret? I understand the excitement of it all. But, don't you want your own man? You can get gifts and trips without being a side chick.

"That you got my name tattooed on yo body, They don't know you belong to me"

Please don't tell me you have his name tattooed on your body and you actually think you belong to him? Doesn't his marriage certificate say that wifey belongs to him not you and that tat is not legally binding.

"They don't even know that I share you with my wifey" this what it has come to? Do you lack that much self respect that you share a man with his wife? I mean is there not enough fish in the sea that you have to be with someone who belongs to someone else? Are you that desperate for a man that you have to sneak around and date another woman's husband? 

Listen up ladies, one day you will find the right guy and he will make you his wife. Just remember, karma is real and what you do now will come back to you later!!!! Know your worth enough to not be second place to wifey!! You don't know... she gets the gifts and the trips first. She gets the good lovin' first. You get sloppy seconds. On top of it all, don't always believe the lies he tells about his home life. One truth I do know is that most of those men NEVER leave wifey and all you have to show for your little tryst is STUFF!!!

I know this is just a song. However, there are some women living this lifestyle. Don't misunderstand are just as at fault as the women. Don't be a side chick and a doormat for anyone!!! Have self worth and self respect and go find your own husband and be happy!!!

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