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Am I Holding On to False Hope?

by Kylie

My boyfriend and I have dated for almost a month, and I noticed yesterday he was acting weird. By the end of the day, he sent me a lengthy message on how he's dealing with some serious things and can't be in a relationship at this given time. I know the things that have been happening have to be quite serious, because he's not one to let much get him down.

Before you assume that it's an excuse, he's made it clear that it is in no way shape or form involves me, and I know him enough to know that what he said is true. I've let him know that he can take as much time as needed for him to sort **** out and whatnot, but I'm unsure if I should be patient and wait for him or not. I know he liked me A LOT, and I liked him just the same, and as cheesy as it sounds, I don't think I've ever felt this strongly about someone before. My mom even approved of him.

I genuinely think he's worth the wait, but at the same time, I don't want to have my hopes up and be terribly let down. Anyone know what I should do??

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Sep 21, 2013
Set Up a Time Frame on Your End!
by: Lady Love

If you know him well enough and you believe what he is saying to be true, then give him the space he is requesting. If you choose to wait for him to sort his issues out, just know that it is a gamble that you are willing to take and if it does not go the way that you would like for it to go, try not to be upset about it as you know this was a choice made by you.

Otherwise, let him go and handle his business and you keep it moving. You could give yourself a time frame to wait for him say around 2 months or so, 3 at max. Unfortunately, if someone is asking for space for any reason, that is exactly what they want. If it is meant to be, he will come back and if your time frame seems to get closer to that 3 month mark and he still doesn't budge, move on.

Good luck sweetheart! :-)
Hugs & Kisses,
Lady Love

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