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Advice On My Ex Boyfriend

by Charmaine

My ex took me to lunch and paid and then came to my house to help me with something. I decided to straight up ask him if he ever thought about us getting back together and he said he never thought about it. He said he doesn't want to date right now but doesn't mind hanging out sometimes.

He also said he isn't ready. I said I understand he isn't ready and will leave him alone because I want more. He didn't respond back. But he has been flirting and then wanted to come over and even took me out and paid. What is this about? Is he interested but scared of commitment? Will he come around or should I move on? I decided to just stop texting him and that was 2 days I get a text from him about something general. Why?

Now he is acting like he doesn't care. Talking to him was like pulling teeth yesterday. What is going on?

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Oct 28, 2013
Refocus Your Energy Elsewhere
by: Lady Love

Maybe your ex just wants to be friends and that is it. You asked him straight up and he told you the truth that he does not mind hanging out, yet does not want to be in a relationship. Now, all you have to do is move on and not care. It is not like he is playing games he has spoken his mind. Sad part about it is once you actually move on and he notices, that is when he might want you back. Sometimes guys are just weird like that.

I say stay friends with him, hang out with him, and have fun when you do. Maybe he will eventually come back around, realizing that he wants you back, or maybe not. I would not focus all of my energy on him though especially if you want more. Good luck sweetheart!

Hugs & Kisses,
Lady Love :-)

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