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The Love Lounge Express: Tweak Your List; Issue #004
July 17, 2013


Below, you will find exciting tips, ideas and information on how to make dating, relationships, and marriages exciting and different, how to please your man/woman in the bedroom, and ideas for creative dates and such.

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A Message from the Editor:

Hello my sweeties! I have been having so much fun over the last couple of months chatting with and talking to different people here at The Love Lounge.

This month we need to tweak our potential mate lists! If you are single and need to first look in the mirror and figure out what YOU need to work on! Once you have worked on yourself, your attitude, and anything else that needs adjustment, THEN you can work on your list and what you are looking for in a mate.

While producing your list, make a column of things that you must have, things that you do not want and things that you are willing to compromise on. Once you are done, wait a couple of days and go back and tweak it. Also, ask yourself, if the roles were reversed and the things you have on your list were on your potential mate's list, would you deem it a fair trade? Or does your list seem to be delusional? Reach for the sky but be reasonable with your wants and want nots. Until next time!!!

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Tip #1: Deck of Cards

Play a game of poker with your mate and see who has the best poker face – and naked body. That’s right – in this racy game, you and your partner are going to bet your clothes off! You may have played strip poker before, but this time, it can end with the victor getting a sexy strip show and a one of a kind jackpot!

Tip #2: Two Phones

You can use a cell phone and a house phone or two house phones – whatever you use, just make sure you and your partner can have a conversation with each other in different areas of the house. You’re not going to have just any old chat though – you and your partner are going to have phone sex! Each of you gets a phone and moves into two different parts of the house. Each partner starts a masturbation session with the other on the phone listening in and contributing to the super sexy conversation. As each of you gets hotter and hotter, move to different areas of the house until you finally meet. You won’t need the phones after that – your hands will be all over each other!

Tip #3: Throw Pillow

Purchase a throw pillow with a zippered cover to store all of your sexual goodies. You can store small vibrators, lubricant, and other sex toys in the zippered cover and store it on your couch or bed just like any other throw pillow. Only you and your partner will know what is hidden inside!

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