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The Love Lounge Express: The Launch of the New and Revised Website; Issue #001
March 11, 2013



This is the launch of the new and improved website "The Love Lounge 101" formerly known as The Relationship & Dating Advice Lounge.

Below, you will find exciting tips, ideas and information on how to make dating and relationships exciting and different, how to please your man/woman in the bedroom, and ideas for creative dates and such.

If you would like more information on love, dating, sex, and relationships visit us at:

The Love Lounge 101


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Message from the Editor:

In this day and age where the economy is screwed up, bills are due, and other financial woes are piling up; you need to keep your sanity one way or another. If you are single and dating, I suggest you find that " good, cool " friend to hang out with and lean on. Hell, singles need love too! ;-)

But, for those who are in a relationship or married; this is the time, in the midst of our worldly chaos, to stick together! You both need to support each other and bring back the spark that might have fizzled due to issues surrounding your lives. Below are a couple of suggestions to help lite that fire again.

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3 Tips For More Pleasurable and Passionate Lovemaking

Need some ideas to make your lovemaking phenomenal? These 3 tips should give you plenty of ideas to make your midnight sessions more hot, steamy and passionate, starting today…

1. Become more sensual

While most men want to ‘get the job done’ and reach the goal of orgasm, for women it’s more about the journey. Women love to reach climax as much as men do, but they also love a sensual stroke from your hand across their leg.

Believe it or not, the ears, neck, arms and hair are all really sensitive areas that love to be stimulated. Spend some time during foreplay caressing and touching these areas, and watch how it pleases your partner and can even intensify their orgasm.

2. Try positions proven to increase pleasure

For women: The reverse missionary is identical to the traditional missionary except that she is on top. This is probably the easiest position for a woman to climax because she can control the friction to her clitoris and/or G-spot.

For men: Practically every animal species utilizes the rear-entry “doggy-style” position, so it is a natural one for humans to enjoy, as well. Although you won’t have face-to-face contact, there are many benefits. It is great for guys because they have full control over movement and pleasure.

3. Play bedroom games

Tasteful, fun and alluring sex games are one of the best ways to intensify orgasms and the entire lovemaking experience. They’re fun, sexy and have a lot of replay value.

Maybe you’ll use a deck of cards or dice to create your own passionate play. Perhaps you’ll adapt a sport game for the bedroom. Or maybe you’ll just want to use your bodies as the props. It doesn’t matter. Simply get excited and unleash some creativity!

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