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The Love Lounge Express: King or Queen for a Day; Issue #002
April 13, 2013


Below, you will find exciting tips, ideas and information on how to make dating, relationships, and marriages exciting and different, how to please your man/woman in the bedroom, and ideas for creative dates and such.

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Message from the Editor:

Make time for your honey by making them king or queen for a day. Take a Friday off, without their knowledge, and set up a spread so that when they come home, you can welcome them as the King or Queen that they are in your life. Send the kids to a sitter. Set the ambiance by running a warm bubble bath, surrounded with candles and a glass of wine. Have your iPod set with slow jams and set the mood with mildly floral scented flowers or petals in the bath. Once in, bathe them and allow them to relax and unwind.

When it is time for them to exit, be there for them with a towel to wrap up their body and dry every inch of them. Allow him/her to lay on the bed and sensually massage them with a light oil or lotion of their choice. Afterwards, slide their pajamas on and find out if they are ready to eat the already prepared dinner you have made for them.

If so, lead them into the living room and bring them their food on a tray with another glass of wine. Enjoy a little television or retreat into the bedroom and enjoy a little one on one time. (Wink wink) :-)

The most important aspect of this whole ordeal is that you make them feel loved and special. Kind words, cards, and even a small gift to top off the evening is sufficient. Good Luck!

Hugs & Kisses,


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3 MORE Tips For More Pleasurable and Passionate Lovemaking

Need more ideas to make your lovemaking phenomenal? Here are 4 more tips that should give you plenty of ideas to make your midnight sessions more hot, steamy and passionate, starting today…

1. Set a romantic mood

People often think that using candles, music, incense and even rose petals to set the mood of their lovemaking is too “cliché.” Are they kidding! Your partner will LOVE YOU for this. Just imagine how happy you would feel if someone went to all the trouble to create a special lovemaking occasion that you can cherish for years to come. Could this be so “cliché” because people enjoy it so much? Point made.

2. Give them a sexy massage

Why stop at setting the mood? Go one step further and give your partner a sensual massage that makes them feel relaxed and loved at the same time. Make it sexy, sensual, and pleasurable. Massage them naked or build up the anticipation by having them slowly undress during the massage. Then kiss, caress and slowly transition “under the sheets” where a massage of another kind can take place.

And no, you don’t need years of study to give a great massage. Just grab some candles and music, and bless your partner with an experience they’ll never forget.

4. Use household items

It makes sense that to spice things up you need to do something different. The more unique the experience, the more it fires up your lovemaking. Well, just recently I've found one of the very BEST ways to keep things passionate and exciting. It’s by using household items.
Huh? That's right! There are literally 100's of household items you can play with in your house. Everything from a rolling pin for a massage, ice for a cool sensation, cards for a naughty game or sheepskin that feels soft under your skin.

By dedicating time to finding new items, you can turn ordinary lovemaking into extraordinary lovemaking for longer, and keep it that way. And while positions and techniques get old quickly, these items add a NEW LEVEL to your lovemaking that normal lovemaking just can't do. This is the sure-fire way to make sure your lovemaking stays passionate, pleasurable, and intimate for years to come.

In fact, unlike all the other suggestions, using household items for foreplay and intercourse proves to be the most unique and powerful way to spice up lovemaking.

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