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The Love Lounge Express: Men vs Women in Forgiveness; Issue #016
September 01, 2015


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Men vs Women in Forgiveness

"Why are the men forgiven and the women aren't?" A classic Toni Braxton song that asks a legitimate question. When men cheat, women are 9 times out of 10 going to forgive them. However, when women cheat men are 3 times out of 10 going to forgive them.

Women forgive men faster for a couple of reasons. Some are not ready to let go of the relationship. Some may not want him to go to the chick he cheated with. Some may feel they cannot find anyone else so they will deal with the bull that comes along with the man they are with. In marriages, some feel that they've built too much together with the man that they have a lot to lose.

Here is my theory ladies...most times if men cheat and you forgive him the first time, most and I say most not all, will do it again. My rule is this, there is nothing wrong with forgiving someone for wronging you the first time. However, if they do it again, the jig is up! Understandably, people make mistakes in life and some are regretful and some do not let things occur again. But...if they do, it's time to move on because if you forgive the second time, you can best believe it will happen again and again and again. Don't be a doormat for anyone!!! Have self worth and self respect!!!!!

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Singles/Dating Corner

Decisions, Decisions

If you are tired of making all of the date night decisions and the only one who will show any initiative in picking a spot, here's the perfect date for you.

Send your boo an invitation for a date via text or email. Create the options in a multiple choice format so they have to make the decisions for once. Something like this:

Let's go out for dinner on:

___ Thursday

___ Friday

___ Saturday

___ Sunday

At this location:

___ Denny's

___ The Cheesecake Factory

___ BoneFish Grill

___ Any steak house

Followed by:

___ Going to movie theater

___ A jazz concert

___ An air hockey competition at the arcade

___ Any dessert shop

Give them a deadline and have them choose a pick-up time as well. This will ensure you are not the only one who always has to come up with plans.

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Relationship/Marriage Corner

Learning To Pack Lightly

by guest author Michael Webb

Athena and I love to travel. We began traveling on our honeymoon and have been globetrotting ever since. We soon realized that there was a lot of things that we were taking along that we thought would enhance our trip, but in reality, the weight of the unnecessary items put a burden on us. The extra weight limited our enjoyment of our trip.

When we took a two-week tour through Europe, all we carried was a knapsack each. The minimal luggage allowed us to see and do more in two weeks than what many people can do in two months.

I think we all have to ask ourselves what kind of excess baggage are we maintaining in our relationship that might be weighing it down.

Here are just a few superfluous bags that might be keeping your relationship from being truly blissful.

# Not forgiving your mate of a wrong they did in the past # Still worrying over your sweetheart's attachment to old boyfriends/girlfriends # Getting all bent out shape over silly little habits that your spouse has # Not sharing your emotions for fear of getting hurt or rejected

These are just a few of the bags that people tend to hold onto in their relationships. They want them there “just in case.” They want to be able to say “I told you so” or they like to drag out those old dusty bags to use as ammunition in arguments.

But it is hard to really embrace each other when you are juggling two Samsonite suitcases, a laptop computer, a purse, umbrella and a duffel bag.

Come up with your own list of “baggage” that you might have in your relationship. Discuss the list with your significant other and then ceremoniously burn the list to indicate that you are no longer going to carry those heavy bags.

If you haven't experienced the freedom of traveling lightly, physically and in relationships, give it a try. You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

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