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The Love Lounge Express: Grown & Sexy Music; Issue #015
May 02, 2015


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May 2015

Chicas and Chaps...What happened to the music that gave us butterflies while listening to it? The music that spoke to our inner souls and made us feel good inside, releasing endorphins in our brains? This music they used to call "feel good" music?

Music is a mood setter and with the right music you can produce the right atmosphere and mood. Picture this, you and your honey are sitting at the table eating dinner. There is no sound playing in the background. You can eat silently or you can choose to converse over dinner. Enter music! You turn on some tunes like the classic "My My My" by Johnny Gill and your dinner is now romantic.

From the words to the sounds of the tunes and instruments being played is what makes music magical. You take a bubble bath and turn on music, it relaxes you even further. You workout and listen to music it helps motivate. Music can help soothe your soul if you are happy or sad.

Incorporate "feel good" music in your daily life to release those "feel good" endorphins. Music sets the tone for your date nights in the car while driving to your destination either by yourself or with your date. Music during dinner helps set the mood for later activity and it sets the mood for bedroom activity.

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Singles/Dating Corner

Books Anyone?

Have you thought about taking your date to a bookstore or a library? I know, I know...we are in a digital world right now. But going to a bookstore to browse and maybe buy books is fun. You can pick out books that assists with decorating your home or learning something new. You can go to a library to browse through and read old books that can teach you a bit of history from centuries ago.

If you are open to something different there is a neat but huge bookstore called 2nd and Charles and they have all kinds of books, music, and games that they sell and buy back. You could both go in, separate and browse your favorite sections, returning every so often discussing what you’ve been reading and what you’ve found. How about picking up a book in the humor section and reading pieces aloud to each other. That would be funny.

Once you guys are done, you can stop by a little café or shop and enjoy a delicious dessert. This is a wonderful way to explore and learn about your partner’s interests and a great way to spark communication between you two.

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Relationship/Marriage Corner

Is Your Relationship in Neutral?

by guest author Michael Webb

Many men have the impression that as long as they are not yelling at their wives, beating them, cheating on them or leaving huge messes around the house, he must be a good husband.

All that means is that he isn't a bad husband. More than likely he is an average husband (which is nothing to brag about).

Instead of not just yelling at his wife, a husband should make an effort to say lots of wonderful things to her. Instead of not beating his wife, he should make certain he often lovingly touches his sweetheart: stroking her hair, lightly kissing her neck, gently massaging her shoulders, kindly rubbing her feet and giving her light kisses on her cheek, nose, ears, forehead and of course, lips.

A man shouldn't only not cheat on his wife, he should passionately seduce her. Not being a total slob isn't bad. Helping your wife with the chores is better. Giving her a whole day or week off from her usual chores and you doing them for her is best.

Men should never settle for being average. If your relationship has been in neutral, it's time you move into first gear.

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