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The Love Lounge Express: Re-Evaluate Your Situation; Issue #014
April 02, 2015


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April 2015

Ladies and gents, welcome to April! This month I want you to re-evaluate your situation in reference to the type of relationship you choose to be in.

Do you find yourself in a YoYo relationship or love affair? Are you constantly breaking up with a person only to get back together with them because you feel you cannot live without that person? Are you dealing with someone who belongs to someone else?

First scenario, you need to have a conversation with yourself to figure out your issues with the person you keep separating with. Sometimes, constantly going back and forth in a relationship will cost you nothing but time and avoidable heartache and pain later on down the line. Re-evaluate your situation because your time is precious and could be utilized finding someone else and being happier with someone new than you are in your current situation.

Second scenario, if you are dealing with someone who is in a relationship with someone else or married to someone need to break it off!! Being in a relationship or dating a person who is unavailable is not cool. Two things to think about here (1. if they are doing this in their current situation, they will most likely do it to you if you two get together. (2. If you were wifey/girlfriend, would you want someone to do this to you?

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Until Next Month...

Lady Elle

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Singles/Dating Corner

Become a Tourist!

Have you lived in your hometown since birth and have NO clue about its' history?

Guess what! You can take this opportunity to make a date of it with your boo. With Spring finally arriving, it is warm enough to go and venture outdoors. You can schedule a full Saturday of places to go and things to do. You guys can start at 9:00am, visit all museums and historical places in your area, stop for lunch or gelato and tour your city. You can utilize tour buses or take your bicycles.

Most cities have regular tours, some guided and others are self-guided. They make a great date for two people who might like to know a little bit about the city in which they live.

A day of pure fun and exploration!!! Try it out!

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Relationship/Marriage Corner

To Court or Not to Court?

Marriages and relationships get stale and boring every so often. This is mostly true especially if you've been with someone for a very long time. You guys get comfortable and lazy and stop doing all of the things that attracted you two in the first place.

As time go on and people change throughout the years, you need to make an effort to find new things that interest your partner. Every time you guys have date night you need to be a perfect gentleman and a perfect lady and act as if this is your very first date together.

From opening doors to pulling out chairs to flirtation, your date night should appear to outsiders that you are newlyweds. Because let's face it, in the beginning it is always rosey. Relationships and marriages require work and dedication and if you want to maintain happiness in yours, you will find ways that will keep you both happy!!

To learn more about maintaining that spark, CLICK HERE!

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"Life is about choices, enjoy life and choose your destiny!"
Lady Elle
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