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The Love Lounge Express: Pursue Happiness; Issue #013
March 01, 2015


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March 2015

Ladies and gents, welcome to March! I declare March to be the month to Pursue Happiness!

In life, we are thrown tons of curve balls and how we deal with the negativity shows our character. The transference of emotion is a real thing guys. If you encounter negative situations or people, repeat to yourself "I am happy and I will remain happy today". If you block that negative energy from entering into your happy space, you will maintain your happiness and feel good dealing with any situation that might come your way.

Try it!

Until Next Month...

Lady Elle

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Singles/Dating Corner

Date Night Hum Drum!

Have you been dating your new honey, spouse, or lover and can't seem to come up with different and unique dates? Tired of going to the movies or dining at the same restaurants?

Get CREATIVE!! You both should write out at least 20 or so events, places, and things to do on your next date night. It could be items from your individual bucket lists. Then, cut them up and place them into a box of some sort. It could be things like a day at the zoo, a weekend bed and breakfast getaway, a spa day for two...I can go on and on. (Of course if attending a concert is in the works that needs to be a planned event)

So, the next time you are together or you can do this before your next date, randomly pick out of the box your next date. This method ensures that each date will be different and exciting and will build anticipation for the next date night picks.

For more creative date night ideas, Click Here!

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Relationship/Marriage Corner

Do People Suspect You Are Newlyweds?

You might be mistaken for a newlywed if you...

1. Display affection publicly by kissing, hugging, making googly eyes at each other, holding hands, etc.

2. Refer to each other using endearing terms like boo, baby, honey, sweetie, sugar lump, etc. Or make comments to other listeners on how beautiful, kind, smart, caring, your mate is.

3. Want to be near each other in social settings and appear, to others, to always want to be around each other and just "look in love"

4. Make each other smile or laugh often, playing games with each other, etc.

If people don't mistake you for being a newlywed, then ask yourself why.

Everything you do in the beginning should continue to be done throughout the course of dating, your relationship and your marriage. People tend to stop doing all of these things that once made you two fall in love in the first place.

Make a conscious decision to kiss your mate every time you see them, ask them how their day was, ask them how they are feeling, and let them know how much you miss and care for them. Seriously engage with your mate daily.

Habits are hard to break and sometimes, we tend to let other things become priority in our lives (work, family, friends, household duties, even hobbies) that we fall into a humdrum state. What might seem like a temporary issue that needs our top priority, may soon be permanently elevated above our significant other simply out of habit.

It doesn't matter what new exciting event happens in your life, make a conscious decision to express yourself clearly that your mate will come first -- always.

To learn more about maintaining that spark, CLICK HERE!

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"Life is about choices, enjoy life and choose your destiny!"
Lady Elle
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