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The Love Lounge Express: Happy New Year; Issue #011
January 05, 2015
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January 2015

Hey there guys and gals! Happy New Year to ya!! I hope you decide to make this year better than the last. I hope you decide to take care of yourself and take care of your loved ones better than last year. As I always say "life is about choices, enjoy your life and choose your destiny!" I believe that as we go through life and its' ups, downs and surprises we are presented with a plethora of choices in life's forks in the road. It is how you deal with these situations and how you choose to move forward.

For the New Year, I implore you to choose the best road that will give you your most wanted response in life. I understand ish happens..that's a given! However, if you have set goals you would like to achieve this year, be strong, diligent and utilize your will power to make things happen for yourself and your family. Don't let laziness hold you back as laziness is a road you can choose that will get you NOWHERE!!!

Until Next Month...

Lady Elle

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Singles/Dating Corner

Tips for Successful Dating

There are some basic guidelines you should follow to ensure that your date is as successful as possible and as memorable as possible. The better and more fun the date is, the chances are great for a second and third date and so on.

Be Flexible

When scheduling a date, be prepared for issues to arise. If you are going to a concert that begins at 8:00pm, don’t plan on arriving at 7:55pm. Try to put in a 30-45 minute cushion in case your date is late, you have car trouble, you run into traffic or parking is hard to find. (You get my drift :-)) Being late can cause unnecessary stress on a date. Arriving early gives you time to relax and have a good conversation and a drink while you wait.

If you are planning an outdoor date, try to have an indoor backup plan in case of inclement weather. Don’t let a date get ruined because you can’t have your picnic at the beach or park. Have your picnic in your living room instead. Make sure the back up plan is just as fun as the original.

Realize that unavoidable things happen. You might lose your tickets or the restaurant might have inadvertently cancelled your reservation. Don’t let these situations get you upset. Show your date that you have class, composure and a sense of humor. Laugh it off and together, you guys come up with something else to do since your plans fell through.

Use Your Senses

If you want to have a really successful date, try to utilize as many of the five senses as possible. Below are some examples on utilizing your senses.

Taste – good food, eating wild berries, nice wine or champagne

Smell – candles, fragrant flowers, food grilling, mints

Touch – sand in your toes, waterfalls, a gentle back massage, a warm fire

Sight – sunsets, beautiful gardens, tour of a historic building

Sound – a live band, birds chirping, waves crashing, waterfalls

Make It Personal

If you know your date’s favorite colors, music, movies, restaurants, hobbies, etc. you can make the dates even more meaningful. Understandably, if it is a first date you will have to wing it based on the conversations you've had over the telephone.

Also, don't let that favorite restaurant of your new honey be your go-to all of the time! New experiences will add sizzle to your relationship.


Almost everyone loves a good surprise. Build up the anticipation for a date by keeping certain elements a surprise. Maybe you can send clues for the date throughout the week via text. If the date is pretty simple, no need to build it up. Otherwise your date might be disappointed.

Surprises always add to the mystery and romance of a date. It lets the other person know that their date has taken the time to plan something in advance.

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Relationship/Marriage Corner

Secrets Aren't for Sharing

I've got a secret and I'm not sharing. Actually, I have a lot of secrets. There are a million things that are a secret between my husband and I. That is a factor that keeps us close.

I like when my husband shares things with me that I believe no one else knows and it makes me feel special and unique for him to feel comfortable with sharing things with me; especially those things about his friends or family.

It's not like the things we share with each other are horrible, it is just things that makes us feel that if we share them with each other, it brings us closer. Hopefully you get my drift.

Some people can't keep any secrets. They tell their mom, sister/brother, friends, or even side boo. Things that are blabbed about are a new pregnancy, winning something, or getting a raise. They share these great announcements with other people instead of their mate. Sometimes they share it with others before they even tell their loved one. That doesn't build a blissful relationship. It breaks it down.

Make your honey feel special by allowing them to be the first to hear your exciting or important news. Let some things remain a secret between the two of you for a while before letting the rest of the world know all about your personal life. Social media is definitely a bad place to blab about a lot of your business. Let there be secrets only you two know. Trust me, it will keep you closer than ever.

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"Life is about choices, enjoy life and choose your destiny!"
Lady Elle
LAC Enterprises, LLC

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