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The Love Lounge Express: Get Fancy; Issue #010
August 17, 2014


Below, you will find exciting tips, ideas and information on how to make dating, relationships, love, and marriages exciting and different, how to please your man/woman in the bedroom, and ideas for creative dates and such.

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Hey there guys and gals! This month is all about getting YOU together. How can you find that special guy/gal if your ish aint right? Take the time to take care of yourself by having a day of relaxation, a day at the spa and pamper yourself, or a mini shopping spree to pump up your wardrobe.

There are a number of things that can be done to spruce up your life and help you be the best and confident you, YOU can be! Once you are in your happy place, check below for some ideas on how/where to find that perfect mate.

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How/Where to Meet Your Future Mate

IDEA #1 Create Your Ideal Partner Profile

We all know what we are looking for in a mate. Ok, now write it down! Once you have the rough draft of the qualities of the person you are in search of, go through it again and choose those that are most important to you and those that you could possibly do without. **Read how a single guy tweaked his list and found his Mrs. Right"

IDEA #2 Identify Your Strategic Location

This method is a great way to make sure that you are spending your time in the right places. You can start by reviewing your partner profile and identify where your "type" of mate would normally hang out. Some traits include: Intelligent, Sporty/Active, Entrepreneurial, Down to earth, Strong morals/values, and enjoys activities such as dancing, camping, water sports, and the gym.

Based on your list you can search for locations where these types of people frequent. The entrepreneur will most likely be in attendance at business summits, conferences and so forth. One who enjoys dancing may take up dance lessons. One who enjoys working out...well that is obvious...they can be found at the gym or some type of aerobic/pilates/yoga classes. One who enjoys water sports could be found with friends water skiing or what have you. There are plenty of places and activities that can be found. Click HERE for ideas of these activities in your city!

IDEA #3 Conversation is Key

A conversation starter is anything that opens up a conversation. Most times it can be difficult to come up with the right thing to say to a person at one particular time without sounding so cliché. Some ideal conversation starters include: A book you've read, comments on the type of venue/activity you both are attending, comments on what he/she is wearing or how nice they look...I can go on and on. Once you open up that line of communication, you can pretty much get a feel for where a person is and if they are in the least interested in what you have to say and move on from there.

Good luck on your journey in pursuit of love and remember, if you don't feel or look good, how do you expect to have the confidence to approach your potential mate?

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