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The Love Lounge Express: Flirting; Issue #007
January 15, 2014


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Hello and Happy New Year guys and gals!!! Ok, well we are 15 days into the new year and I know half of you have made resolutions and at this point half of the half have already given up on those resolutions. If so, I am here to provide motivation.

To flirt or not to flirt that is the question. Flirting is an art and below I explain in more detail about flirting and how it can push you into a higher plateau in your relationship, how you can eventually get the person of your dreams, or how it can be disastrous.

Take head and read.

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I don't watch much television, but my favorite programs are the ones on nature. I've seen several different episodes on animal courtship and I find it fascinating what some animals do to attract a mate – or just to mate. Some dance, others build elaborate nests, many strut their stuff and several even fight other potential suitors to get the female to notice them.

Humans do some of the same things to attract potential mates. For many of us, a courtship begins with the act of flirting. Playful teasing, winking, a gentle touch to the arm and other gestures usually signal to someone that you find him or her interesting, engaging and attractive -- that you would like to spend more time with him or her.

The problem with flirting is that some men and women don't realize it is part of courtship. Some see nothing wrong with flirting with other people even if they are in a relationship. They come up with faulty reasoning such as "it's ok to look at the menu as long as I don't order anything off it." How many times have you been full after a meal but a peek at the dessert menu tempted you to order that luscious slice of pie anyway? For many who have had affairs, it began with flirting. When someone flirts with you (innocently or not) you are flattered. They are signaling that they find you fun and attractive which makes you feel excited and happy. Your emotions begin to flow.

Perhaps you remember this stage of new love in a previous relationship and those euphoric feelings come back. Despite what your mind knows is best, you begin to reciprocate with the flirting. Soon the gentle touch to the shoulder might move to the arm, then later to the elbow and then to the hand. And whether or not you have the willpower to keep it from leading to an affair of the body, it has already led to an affair of the heart.

Millions of men and women do not set out to cheat on their mate. It often begins with what they think is harmless flirting. How can you tell the difference between someone who is flirting and someone who is just fun natured? Someone who flirts will only be "flirty" to those they find attractive. If they playfully tease or touch everyone they meet, then they probably aren't flirting. However, there is still the danger that too much play can be misinterpreted. Before you know it, you have some stranger calling you in the middle of the night, showing up at your office, sending you love letters or even planting an unexpected kiss on you – just because they thought you were flirting (beginning a courtship) and it got their hormones racing.

Flirting is a powerful tool in attracting a mate. Used correctly, it can reap wonderful rewards. But if you are already in a relationship, it can bring disaster. If you are in a relationship, continue to flirt with your mate. It helps things stay spicy. If you are single you need to learn the art of flirtation and how to snag your potential mate. Either way, learn the art of flirting with The Flirting Bible

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