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8 Specific First Date
Do's and Don'ts

There are 8 specific first date do's and don'ts that will help you gear up for that special day.

On your first date (and future dates) you want to leave a good impression.

However, you want to be as honest and as forthcoming as possible and not send your representative to do your dirty work.

Below are some things NOT to do on a first and future dates.

1.) Don't Be Late!

No one wants to sit around waiting for you to finally arrive. It is understandable if things happen (traffic, babysitter, etc.).

DO arrive at least 15 minutes early and be considerate of other's time. If you are running late, call your date!

2.) Don't Forget Your Wallet!

DO Make sure you have enough cash/credit on hand to pay for the entire meal. That goes for men and women. Sometimes men pay for the first meal.

However, you want to make sure you are covered if things go south and you are somehow stuck with the bill.

It's a new day and age just never know.

3.) Don't Discuss Previous Relationships!

Sometimes less is more when it comes to this and I understand that you want to get to know your future boo. However, talking about things your ex did or didn't do in the past is not a good look in your present situation.

Remember, your ex and the person you are out with are two different people. Leave that baggage at the door.

DO ask questions though. After discussing ex situations in minor detail, go onto the next topic. There are other things to talk about besides how your ex flattened your tires.

4.) Don't Brag!

Few things are more offensive than someone who is so full of themselves. I totally get that some of us are proud of our accomplishments. However, do you really want to divulge that information with an outcome being that a person only likes you because of the things you have or the people you know?

DO talk about things that interest you or things that you plan to do in the future or things you have done without being boastful.

5.) Don't Chew Tobacco or Reek of Cigarette Smoke!

DO wait until after the date to have your nicotine fix as some folks who do not smoke are turned off by a person smelling of ciggys or anything else for that matter.

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6.) Don't Get Drunk!

You do not want to get too intoxicated or wasted. That in itself can be a turn off for your potential mate especially if you cannot hold your alcohol too well. Don't put yourself in a position where you could do things that you'll later regret.

DO pace yourself and drink responsibly.

7.) Don't Talk About Sex or Make Physical Advances!

Most people who are out on a first date do not have sex on the brain nor do they want to feel sexually harassed on a first date either.

DO flirt with each other but leave it as just that. A little harmless flirtation is healthy for your growing relationship.

8.) Don't Touch Your Cellphone!

No texting, no gaming, no social media, NOTHING! It is RUDE!

DO keep the distractions to a minimum and give your date your 100% attention.


Just remember, the point of being on a date is to get to know your potential mate. Keep the vibe positive and light, be cordial, be considerate, and be nice.

Even if you find out half way through the date that this person may not be the right one for you, enjoy yourself in the moment and end the night on a good note.

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